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Improving Relationships Between People and Pets!

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The Network provides pet behavior education and services for pet parents, pet professionals, and veterinary practices

Have you ever noticed how being enrolled in a class helps you find time for what's important to you?

Being enrolled in a Pet Behavior ECourse helps you dedicate the time needed to become the best pet parent possible. When people understand species-specific pet behaviors, it becomes easier to teach pets how to thrive as indoor members of a human family.

Positive Pet Parenting™, Error-Free Puppy Raising® Tips, Error-Free Kitten Raising books are available as ECourses to deliver easy step-by-step learning at home. Watch Video

Each ELesson arrives conveniently in the pet parent's home email with a few key tips, a pet cartoon and easy links to the online library.

Your ECourse reminds you to invest time in pet behavior training. Obedience training is teaches pets command-response. Pet behavior training teaches good behavior and emotional response.

When Pet Parents use the quick links to Log In as Members of the Animal Behavior Network Online Library, they can look up many easy reliable, gentle methods for home pet behavior.

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Join others in learning how to see the world through the eyes of their cats and dogs. Learn to "talk pet" using your body language and voice tones and how to read your pet's body language.

Meet Red, an aggressive Chihuahua by watching his Story!